Notes for AEN461-G Biometeorology

Notes from the Instructor: Tom Priddy, UK Ag. Weather Center

Spring Semester Academic Calendar: Spring 2017,

UKNow Calendar

Campus StormReady Project,

So you want to be an NWS Meteorologist? Find out more here.

Things to Know:Explanation Of Abbreviations And Acronyms (NWS),
NWS Products and Services Reference Guidebook ,
Weather Discussion Glossary and Terminology (NWS),
Search NWS Glossary,
Weather FAQ's (Haby Hints)
UIUC Tutorials,
NWA: MetEd
NWS Severe Weather Criteria
Locating a Vorticity Max

Know this map #1, Blank map #1, Know this map #2

Weather Glossary(OU), Weather Briefing Guide, AMS, Severe Weather Guide(PPT), Online Severe Weather Guide(NWS, INDY)
Past Forecast Maps, Past Daily Weather Maps, AMS Glossary of Meteorology
NWS Jetstream Topic Matrix, TAMU, TAMU-203 Labs, USA Today's Educational Resources, Winter Weather Precipitation Guide (NWS)
Station Model Tutorials (Sec Wisc.), Surface Weather Plot Symbols, Cloud symbols/guide, AMS notes,
Cloud Spotter Wheel, Cloud Classifications (see below), Julian Date Calender, 2012 Monthly Calender, GMT conversion chart, NASA/NOAA's Weather SCIjinks!!!

WEEK 1....Chapter 1. Introduction to the Science: Monitoring Weather Questions (print out and hand in) ,

For this week's lab. ... Lab #1: Isotherms

Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology,
Understanding the station model on the surface weather map A,
How to read weather maps,
Lab #1: Isotherms

Lecture Slides: Chapter 1 Notes
The Atmosphere (Do review quiz!!!!)

WEEK 2....Chapter 2. Atmosphere: Origin, Composition, and Structure Questions (print out and hand in),
Intro: the atmosphere

Notes on Chapter 2 (A),