UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Severe Weather Shelters

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Please refer here for additional basic shelter and safety information

Severe Weather Guides and Weather Radios:

NWS Storm Spotter's Field Guide: Basic , #2, Advanced,

National StormReady Page

What to do in preparation for, during, and after (click here ):
*Tornadoes,           *Thunderstorms,           *Lightning

University of Kentucky SEVERE WEATHER GUIDE

Programming the Midland Weather Radio - Model WR-100, WR-300

All states FIPS Codes for Weather Radios

Severe Weather Notification Tools
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     In Preparation For Severe Weather:

UKAWC's Weather 'On the Go!'

Sign up for NWS alerts by email and text messaging

Sign up for the The Emergency Email & Wireless, Epager, Cellphone

     Breaking Severe Weather Information:

UK Ag. Weather Center's Desktop Warning Center


Contacts: Tom Priddy, UK Meteorologist | Campus Emergency Manager: Capt. Tom Matlock UK Police