UK Campus Severe Weather Preparedness Project

Where is your severe weather shelter?

A number of weather resources have been developed for the UK campus to
improve our preparedness and response to severe weather...especially tornadoes.
These resources are available to you and all departments on campus at the
following web url:

Severe weather shelters have been identified for nearly 400 buildings across the entire
campus and are available at the url listed above.

Over 200 of the most populated buildings on campus will receive special
weather radios which will be programmed to receive Fayette County's severe
weather information. For those buildings the radio will need to be placed in an
area that is staffed the entire day. If reception is a problem you may need to
move the radio to a window. The radio is for the entire building. Therefore, you
will need to check your building severe weather web page for departmental
standard operating procedures.

For those buildings not receiving a weather radio in phase 1 of the project
the National Weather Service in Louisville now streams Central Kentucky's
NWS weather information over the internet. This link to internet weather for the
campus is available on your building's severe weather web page at the url
listed above.

To maintain the level of preparedness necessary to be certified "StormReady"
by the National Weather Service...each building will need to practice tornado drills
twice annually.

To ensure the maximum level of preparedness and response to severe weather in
this building, UK requests that your department add your severe weather web page
and severe weather shelter icon to your department's front web page. An example
is on the Biosystem and Ag. Engineering front web page at:

What your department/building needs to do...

- Establish a building severe weather committee.

- Review you severe weather web page-add it to your department's web site.

- Review your departmental/building tornado procedures...revise as needed to
get the word out.

- Ensure all departmental personnel/students know where their closest
severe weather shelter is located on their floor/building.

- If given a SAME NOAA weather radio change battery twice annually.

- For the entire campus...practice a tornado drill twice annually and send
email to for documentation.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the training, please
contact Tom Priddy at: 257-8803 ext. 245 or

Additional weather products are available from the UK Ag. Weather Center at: