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Kentucky Climate Summary For the Period September 10 to September 16, 2018 Above Normal Temperatures and Below Normal Rainfall: Tropical Depression Florence started working through Kentucky over the latter half of the weekend. This became the third tropical system to make an appearance across the Commonwealth this year, along with remnants of Alberto and Gordon. Light to occasionally moderate showers associated with Florence were mainly confined to the eastern half of the state and for many, was the only precipitation seen for the week. While Eastern Kentucky averaged just over a half inch for the period, Western and Central Kentucky did not receive any significant rainfall. Most across this area either did not see accumulations or totals were below a tenth of an inch. Temperatures for the period averaged 72 degrees across the state which was 2 degrees warmer than normal and 6 degrees cooler than the previous period. High temperatures averaged from 83 in the West to 80 in the East. Departure from normal high temperatures ranged from near normal in the West to 1 degree cooler than normal in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 62 degrees in the West to 65 degrees in the East. Departure from normal low temperature ranged from 2 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 8 degrees warmer than normal in the East. The extreme high temperature for the period was 95 degrees at MADISONVILLE 4S and the extreme low was 52 degrees at CALHOUN 5NW. Precipitation (liq. equ.) for the period totaled 0.16 inches statewide which was 0.68 inches below normal and 19% of normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 0.01 inches, Central 0.03 inches, Bluegrass 0.06 inches and East 0.54 inches, which was 0.85, 0.91, 0.7 and 0.28 inches below normal. By station, precipitation totals ranged from a low of 0.00 inches at BENTON 4N to a high of 1.36 inches at MIDDLESBORO AWOS.

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