Kentucky Weekly Weather Summary

Kentucky Climate Summary For the Period October 9 to October 15, 2017 Above Normal Temperatures and Rainfall: Wet conditions remained for a second straight week with the passage of a couple frontal systems. The first arrived on Tuesday as a warm front lifted north across the area. Widespread showers slowly pushed east/northeast across Kentucky during the day, before eventually becoming scattered overnight. The trailing cold front arrived on Wednesday and with moisture trapped in the low levels, mostly cloudy skies remained through Thursday. Skies cleared for the end of the workweek and start of the weekend with above normal temperatures returning to the area, but a secondary cold front quickly followed on Sunday. While accumulations were light with the frontal passage, winds became gusty behind the front at 30 to 40+ mph, ushering significantly cooler air into the area. Temperatures for the period averaged 68 degrees across the state which was 9 degrees warmer than normal and no change to the previous period. High temperatures averaged from 76 in the West to 79 in the East. Departure from normal high temperatures ranged from 3 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 8 degrees warmer than normal in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 58 degrees in the West to 60 degrees in the East. Departure from normal low temperature ranged from 10 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 16 degrees warmer than normal in the East. The extreme high temperature for the period was 90 degrees at CAPE GIRARDEAU ASOS and the extreme low was 44 degrees at ELKTON 5SW. Precipitation (liq. equ.) for the period totaled 1.05 inches statewide which was 0.32 inches above normal and 143% of normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 1.00 inches, Central 1.07 inches, Bluegrass 0.89 inches and East 1.22 inches, which was 0.26, 0.31, 0.18 and 0.49 inches above normal. By station, precipitation totals ranged from a low of 0.14 inches at CADIZ 4SW to a high of 4.64 inches at GREENVILLE 6N.

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