Kentucky Weekly Weather Summary

Kentucky Climate Summary For the Period January 7 to January 13, 2019 Above Normal Temperatures and Below Normal Precipitation: The period started very warm with highs jumping into the 60s on Monday. This was followed by the passage of a couple cold fronts through the region later on Monday and again on Tuesday. Both brought gusty winds to the area, along with some light rainfall accumulations. Behind the boundaries, highs struggled in the 30s and 40s over the rest of the workweek, but with dry conditions in place. That changed yet again over the weekend as an area of low pressure worked through Kentucky. This system brought a variety of precipitation types with mainly snow Friday night and transitioning to a cold rain on Saturday. One to three inches of snow fell for much of the northern half of the state, while rain was the dominant type farther south. All together, the state averaged a liquid equivalent of 0.62 inches for the week, which was about a quarter inch below normal. Temperatures for the period averaged 39 degrees across the state which was 6 degrees warmer than normal and 6 degrees cooler than the previous period. High temperatures averaged from 46 in the West to 46 in the East. Departure from normal high temperatures ranged from 3 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 2 degrees warmer than normal in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 35 degrees in the West to 33 degrees in the East. Departure from normal low temperature ranged from 9 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 9 degrees warmer than normal in the East. The extreme high temperature for the period was 69 degrees at BOONEVILLE 2S and the extreme low was 13 degrees at HINDMAN 5N. Precipitation (liq. equ.) for the period totaled 0.62 inches statewide which was 0.26 inches below normal and 70% of normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 0.62 inches, Central 0.60 inches, Bluegrass 0.67 inches and East 0.61 inches, which was 0.3, 0.34, 0.08 and 0.3 inches below normal. By station, precipitation totals ranged from a low of 0.22 inches at WILLIAMSBURG AWOS to a high of 0.98 inches at CINCINNATI.

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