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Kentucky Climate Summary For the Period June 19 to June 25, 2017 Below Normal Temperatures and Much Above Normal Rainfall: Extremely wet conditions returned to the Bluegrass State as the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy and a cold front interacted with one another over the latter half of the workweek. The state saw a couple rounds of widespread showers and storms, the first coming on Thursday and the other Friday. With abundant moisture in place, torrential downpours were common across the area. This led to numerous reports of flash flooding and creeks/streams on the rise, more so on Friday. Overall, much of the state saw over an inch for the week, but some areas in the Bluegrass hardest hit by flooding received in upwards of 2 to 3 inches. Just like earlier in the workweek, the passing cold front signaled the start of a cooler, less humid, and dry pattern for the weekend. Temperatures for the period averaged 73 degrees across the state which was 1 degree cooler than normal and 4 degrees cooler than the previous period. High temperatures averaged from 84 in the West to 80 in the East. Departure from normal high temperatures ranged from 3 degrees cooler than normal in the West to 4 degrees cooler than normal in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 65 degrees in the West to 64 degrees in the East. Departure from normal low temperature ranged from near normal in the West to 4 degrees warmer than normal in the East. The extreme high temperature for the period was 93 degrees at LOUISVILLE APT and the extreme low was 51 degrees at CINCINNATI. Precipitation (liq. equ.) for the period totaled 2.32 inches statewide which was 1.3 inches above normal and 229% of normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 1.77 inches, Central 2.46 inches, Bluegrass 3.01 inches and East 2.05 inches, which was 0.76, 1.45, 2 and 1.02 inches above normal. By station, precipitation totals ranged from a low of 0.08 inches at YELLOW CREEK to a high of 4.94 inches at ELIZABETHTOWN 8W.

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