Kentucky Monthly Weather Summary

For the Period: July 2017 Above Normal Temperatures and Rainfall: Overall, Kentucky saw near normal rainfall and temperatures for the month of July, but that only tells half of the story. After an extremely wet first week of the month, when the state averaged nearly two inches, conditions became fairly dry across the state until the end of July. Showers and storms were isolated to scattered in nature for much of the area, keeping most dry. In fact, the second week of the month was one of the driest weeks of the growing season thus far. Any locations that were lucky enough to get some rainfall did see torrential rains as the state was situated within a very moist air mass. It felt it as though it was very warm throughout the month. We did have temperatures peak in the mid to upper 90s for a couple days in the middle of July, but most of the time, the state sat in the upper 80s to low 90s. This is actually right around normal. What made the difference was how humid it was outdoors. Dew points increased into the 70s, pushing heat indices into the triple digits at times, leading to oppressive heat. In addition to not much recovery at night, livestock stress lifted into the danger to emergency category. Luckily, the passage of a strong cold front at the end of the month brought a return of much welcomed below normal temperatures and noticeably less humid conditions.

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