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Genral Info. for installation, equipment, etc. choose below:
- Davis Weather Station Equipment
- Software Used and Installation for EWOCK project (click here)

Teaching Info. EWOCK Data Sheets (PDF) for teachers

Maps (updated at :04 & :34 after)
See the impact of the additional data sites by looking at the following:
- EWOCK data only + First Order station data only = Combination of data

All Latest Conditions for current EWOCK stations
Archive Daily Summaries of raw data for a station and past daily summaries for all EWOCK stations

County maps will be displayed here if more than one station is sending data from that county. These maps are generated, if there is data, at :04 and :34 after the hour.
No County Maps available at this time.

The following table will update several times a day to reflect the schools which are currently sending data here to UK. This will facilitate the automation of this project. The schools and organizations listed in the table have sent data here sometime in the last 24 hours. Click here for Archive of all EWOCK weather station sites.

15 stations are listed below.

EWOCK Raw Data
(updated at :00 & :30 after)
Station's Latest Conditions Meteograms
(updated at :06 & :36 after)
NWS_Jackson_Breathitt_Co Latest Conditions NWS_Jackson_Breathitt_Co
Princeton_Caldwell_Co Latest Conditions Princeton_Caldwell_Co
Moyer_Elem_Campbell_Co Latest Conditions Moyer_Elem_Campbell_Co
UK_Ag_Wx_Center_Fayette_Co_F11K2 Latest Conditions UK_Ag_Wx_Center_Fayette_Co_F11K2
EP_Ward_Elem_Fleming_Co_F22K2 Latest Conditions EP_Ward_Elem_Fleming_Co_F22K2
LaRue_Co._High School_L12K2 Latest Conditions LaRue_Co._High School_L12K2
Inez_Middle_Martin_Co Latest Conditions Inez_Middle_Martin_Co
Pike_Co_R._Thomas Station__P32K2 Latest Conditions Pike_Co_R._Thomas Station__P32K2
Morehead_State_Univ_Rowan_Co Latest Conditions Morehead_State_Univ_Rowan_Co
Hidden_Oaks_Farm_Rowan_Co_R34K2 Latest Conditions Hidden_Oaks_Farm_Rowan_Co_R34K2
Army Depot #1 Latest Conditions Army Depot #1
Spindletop Farm Latest Conditions Spindletop Farm
Woodford County Farm Latest Conditions Woodford County
Shelby County Latest Conditions Shelby County
UK Campus Latest Conditions UK Campus

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